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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> i am deborah weiner. the big story is the
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presidential race is down to its final hours. governor romney and president obama are delivering their final appeals in the states that will make the difference. we have the story from washington. >> just two war days. >> two days before voters go to the polls. governor mitt romney and president obama were fighting for votes in the battleground states. >> fla., in two days, you have a choice to make. >> the final abc news poll before the election shows the candidates are in a dead heat. president obama with a 48-47% lead. his handling of hurricane sandy has boosted his approval numbers. in the important cause of state of ohio, governor romney is 6 points down. that is forcing him to look to other states like iowa that
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could prove critical on his electoral map. >> we can do better. a stronger america is ahead. >> of the day after he stumped in new hampshire -- >> the president was there with former president bill clinton. it is a race so tight even 4 electoral votes could be the margin of victory. president obama has an eight- point lead with 1 in. governor romney has a seven- point lead with men. >> groups are hoping vote yes to several questions. they're making a final push before the election. hundreds of teachers and students rallied in support of the dream act which would allow children of illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition to attend college. the event was organized by a nonprofit group called the intersection. >> we need to have our best and
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brightest going to college so they can produce, give back, and pay taxes. >> supporters say the direct will save taxpayers money. opponents say subsidizing illegal aliens will cost the state millions of dollars a year. volunteers. in question 6 also came together this afternoon. marylanders fourth marriage equality held a training session for those working the polls. >> it is a big deal for all of us. there are thousands of couples in the state committed to each other. pages 20 chance to stand up in front of family and friends and have -- they just want to have the chance to stand in front of family and friends and have the recognition. >> some polls show merrill lenders are split on question 6. city police are investigating several overnight shootings this weekend. a 24-year-old man walked into
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the hospital after 3:00 this morning. officers say he was suffering from a gunshot wound to the back. the victim told police he was attacked on edgecomb circle. minutes after that, city police respond to a shooting on ross island avenue. officers found a 22-year-old man with a gunshot wound to czar. in the third overnight shooting, another man was shot in the arm in west baltimore. no word on possible suspects conditions. if you have information on the shootings, called baltimore police. hundreds are ready for this year's flue season. the hill the annual st. they held the sixth annual drive through flu clinic. 1800 people got their shots without leaving their cars.
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all the shots were free. >> there may be some choice words on social networking this afternoon. they won the 10th consecutive game against the browns 25-15. he is still adjusting to the rookie learning curve. in the first quarter, the ravens looked very effective. he walked in behind some great blocking. ravens led 14-0. he accounted for all of their 15 points. the browns' lead 15-14. flacoo to smith. this is becoming his move. race to the post from a touchdown. baltimore gets the 10-point win. it was a challenge but looks
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good in the standings. >> we have a lot to work on. we have a lot to work on last week. we will have a lot to work on next week. we will try to become a great football team. we're not there, but we have a chance to get there if we all come together and do what we need to do to get there. our focus goes to a very challenging oakland raiders team coming to our place. >> later in sports, war highlights -- more highlights and post-game reaction. >> still to come on 11 news at 6:00, a trip to the zoo turns deadly. a helicopter crash leaves two officers dead in atlanta. what went wrong in the
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>> a three-year old is dead after being mauled at pittsburgh zoo. the child fell from an observatory death in into an exhibit of african painted dogs. according to the zoo, the boy's mother watched as the dogs attack her son. police officers shot and killed one of the endangered dogs. >> the veterinarians arrived and tried to scare the dogs away from the child with darts and were unsuccessful in doing that. all of the dogs eventually were brought into the barn except for one which the police shot. we did lose one dog. >> the park is closed until further notice. the incident remains under investigation. the search for a missing boy turned deadly for two police
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officers in georgia. atlanta police were searching for the missing nine-year old. the helicopter crashed near a major intersection tilling the two officers on board. there were no injuries on the ground. the national transportation safety board and faa are investigating. still to come, the aftermath of hurricane sandy continues as the victims look to restore their neighborhoods. we will have a report from new york coming up. >> the sun broke through today. we will have to watch the clouds out west carefully. we will talk about maybe a nor'easter. we have partly cloudy skies. we have partly cloudy skies. the inner harb let's play:
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> a sense of urgency along the atlantic coast as millions struggle to recover after superstorm sandy. now they also face the potential of another devastating storm in the coming week. >> there is no marathon in new york today. there is a race in the city and across the strike zone. millions rushing to clean up all they can ahead of what forecasters warn is a harsh nor'easter taking aim at the
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same areas devastated by city. >> we're looking at rain and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour wednesday into thursday. >> right now with heavy equipment and by hand, the work continues around the clock. >> please start going door-to- door. ask the owners if they need anything. >> teams of volunteers are hoping to tie up debris. they're struggling much-needed supplies to those struggling. >> many have lost their houses. >> what is clear in the middle of the disaster is they still have each other. >> there is a lot of despair. people have cried in my arms, i am sure in all of our arms about how awful this is. the best resource we have to fight this is the new yorkers. >> resources and a bond many
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lean on to pick up after sandy and prepare for much rougher weather that may be in the way. >> your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> we finally kind of strange things out in the east. we got some sun today. there have been sprinkles to the west. it looks like it might travel to the south. the weather was quieter today. to the west, in nebraska and iowa, there is a mix of rain and snow. this storm is expected to dive toward the gulf of mexico and, the coast -- come up the coast in three or four days. we will have to keep an eye on that. it could wind up being a nor'easter. the sun did not help the temperatures much today. we got out of the 40's. 51 was the high at the airport. typical is 61.
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33 was the low, near freezing. 40 is the typical low. the record was 22. it is 49 in annapolis. 43 in frederick. down to 30 in oakland. they have a lot of snow out there. take a look at the satellite's radar combination. here are the scattered showers over head. a disturbance to the south will miss us as it goes out to sea. the way the jet stream is set up, it looks like this may be a problem by the middle of the week. here is the one disturbance passing to ourself. week high pressure over us. still snow in new england. rain and snow associated with this. this storm and one developing in the planes are expected to face
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together when they come near the coast. that is not good when these storms come together at the same time. they phase up. that is a lot of energy coming together. that may happen in the middle of the week. tonight looks quite. some freeze warnings out. north winds at 2 to 7 miles an hour. in the city, it may stay above freezing but a few degrees. in the purple areas, it's very could well go below freezing. a freeze warning is in effect in the shaded counties. that includes all of the eastern shore. here's the forecast for tomorrow. we will warm up a little. we will see the sun and scattered clouds. the higher will be 50, similar to today. the wind on the bay will not be that strong. a 1 ft. chop on the open waters of the bay.
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the storm to the south of us, the european model shows the storm going out to sea. the storm in the central part of the nation continues to develop and winds up near cape hatteras by wednesday morning. the european model takes it close to the coast. it takes its along the coast into new england. this is not good news for those in new jersey, new york. it could mean stormy weather for us as well. other models have it further offshore. the 7-day forecast looks like this. 50 today election day, 48. it looks like a dry day. a good chance of rain, windy day. snow? a high of 44. morning snow mixed with lime green rain on thursday. the snow is a question mark.
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>> this is 11 sports. >> the ravens trip to cleveland was a success. baltimore remained perfect against the browns. they have had zero losses in the division. they boast a 6-2 record.
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trying to help. he is very flexible. i cannot believe he got his leg that high. joe flacco and smith would connect again later. smith was spectacular at times today. that helped to set up this. bernard, first career touchdown. did not know he had that kind of speed to get to the outside. now we have a game. the fourth quarter, here we go. 18-yard touchdown. illegal formation called. wipes it out. the new browns' owner, welcome to the world of being the owner of the cleveland browns. 15-14. the ravens answer. fakes in goes out. conversion and field goal. the ravens win.
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after the game, joe flacco sounded more than relieved. >> you take it one week at a time. a lot of the games have been like this. they have taken the lead in the fourth quarter. we have had to come back and answer. we have pulled them out. they are a good team. they are a physical team. i think we have played well. we have been fortunate. there are a lot of things that go into that. we will see if we can keep going. >> college women's soccer is looking for the first ever tighter. terps come up short this afternoon losing to virginia. uva and maryland battling. the first half, perfectly placed in the far corner. 1-0 lead. in the second half, the cavaliers controlled its start to finish. uva victorious 4-0.
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terps still hope to make the tournament without large selection. the greyhounds are winning in soccer. loyola won 2-1. congratulations to the greyhounds' who won the tournament. cannot leave without going back to saturday night. the head coach said the alabama crimson tide could go against nfl teams as favorites. the notion was so panned, he almost had a heart attack mocking him. the game last night is proof of that. it was a great college game. he performed at a high level when he had to against lsu. right before the half, the touchdown. 14-3, alabama up. not taking care of the ball. bob wills, -- fumbles, slu
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recovers. a fantastic game for lsu. they take the lead. alabama restores order late. they played defense until they blitzed. touchdown, alabama knocks off lsu to remain the top team in college football. that was a game for the ages. stay with us for one more check on the forecast after this.
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>> it is could be a tricky week. >> this nor a thirst -- this northeaster would be about a half as strong as sandy if it develops. freezing conditions tomorrow morning and tuesday morning. wednesday and thursday, the storm comes in. the timing, there are still some questions about whether it will bring snow near us. windy, probably. at least some time where the rain could be heavy. it will be a big storm for us. in new jersey and new york city, it will put a damper on the
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recovery. >> that is it for 11 days at 6:00. we will see you back here tonight after sunday night's wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy?
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